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Rick Jones

Rick Jones
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  • Rick Jones


Audio Client List The Platters Re Master Eng. John Finnegan Live Show Jane Norman Singer American Bar Association Tony Robinson Live Your Passion Preston Reed Casio Music WI Lindsey Wagner Star Walk PS Princeton BMW Radio Spot Austin Ray Pianist/Singer Grammar is the Hammer TV Pilot Plum TV Aspen CO Dos Bandaleros The Pavilion PS Mayor Ron Odin Star Walk PS Liberace Showcase The Pavilion PS Jorn TV Pilot West Wood 1 Rock Line KCBL Board Op Mother Nature TV Pilot Casablanca Studios First call audio National Zoo and Aquarium ASSN Ron Young Convention Cassettes Cracker / Camper Van Beethoven KSPN Nick Summers Voice Pro Bobby Mason KSPN Neon Max Desert Sun Newspaper Video Steven Stills KSPN Donna Theodore Singer RSCD Spiritual Center House Audio 140 svcs Blood Sweat & Tears KDGL Board Op Audio Digest Mastering Engineer The Guess Who KDGL Board Op Yve Evans Pianist/Singer USC Trojans KXPX Board Op Karl Anthony Singer/Guitarist Claus Obermeyer Plum TV Dr. Platt Lecture Terry Cole Whittaker Speaker Winter X Games 05/06 KSPN Saliva KCLB Board Op Gino Singer Wendy Woo KSPN Christy Lane’s Square Dancing Today 2 & 3 Jennifer & Llew Hart Pianist/Singers Kellie Greene Pianist Don Martin 15 Pals Productions Debbie Voltura Singer James Higgins Singer Peter Kator Pianist Charles Sinutko Pastor Brian Scott Singer Fabiano Singer/Guitarist Rochelle Singer Debora Morris Coryell Good Greif Rev. Joe Hooper Pastor RSCD Dr. Maxine Kaye RSCD Rev. Jerry Steiner Rev RSCD Mara Getz Singer Jim Salestrom Singer/Guitarist Tom Ressel Singer/Guitarist Bobby Zee Pianist Brad Mercer Singer/Guitarist/DJ Bullet for my Valentine Rock Line Wayne Levine Poet Paul Cracchiolo Pianist/Singer Dennis Alexander Composer/Clinician Ray Kelley Cellist Eric Frankson Violinist Dr. Tom Costa RSCD Founder Sunny Hilden Singer Wayland Pickard Palm Springs Pavilion-Liberace Puddle of Mudd KCLB Board Op The Ted Herman Orchestra Producer 10 shows Wicked World KCLB Board Op Johnathan Levit Producer IPAC Goldfinger & Dove Producer IPAC Shawn McMaster Producer IPAC Elizabeth Dreyfuss Producer IPAC The Krazy Monster News Network Producer IPAC The Sunshine Senior Center Producer Last of the Red Hot Lovers Tech Dir. Linda Gerard Producer IPAC Double Grande’ Pianos Producer IPAC Jerome Elliott Producer IPAC Twelfth Night Shakespeare Theatres Mgr. Rock the IPAC Concert Producer Dir. Carol and Company Producer RSCD Me and My Guitar Tour Producer CVRM Randin Harris Producer IPAC Joel Baker Producer IPAC Derrick Lewis-Musical Chairs Audio Eng. IPAC Animal Planet 2010 July air Hollywood and Crime 2012



  • The Platters Hits - Re-Master Milw. Wis. Mother Nature Pilot- Audio. Tony Robbins Live Your Passion - Recordiing on location Indian Wells CA. AnimalPlanet - Monsters Inside Me- Audio on location Sun City CA. Star Walk PS Linsay Wagner and Ron Odin Audio DHS CA. Cabbot Yexsa Audiography - La Quinta CA. BMW Commercials Princeton PA.- Radio


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